Healing Hands Ministry

Healing the mind, body, and spirit of our community.

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:19

The Healing Hands Ministry is a health ministry that emphasizes the holistic approach to healing, acknowledging the close connection between mind, body, and spirit. God has given us a wonderful gift of life and it is our responsibility to keep ourselves well – we are stewards of our own health.

Activities planned for 2015:

  • Lunch and Learn - will feature programs such as "Alzhiemer Caregivers"; "Music Soothes the Soul" , and other interesting topics. These programs are held in the Greene Center and lunch is provided.
  • Visitation of Shut-Ins - a Healing Hands committee member will visit shut-in and others with special needs.
  • Care-Notes program - an inspirational and supportive booklet is sent to church members who may be grieving or have health challenges.
  • Mini-Health Fairs - including blood pressure screening on Sunday mornings.
  • Helping Hands Ministry assist members with small household chores.